Q.1. What’s the use of filtering ports on Firewall? A.1. Filtering ports on firewall application helps in blocking exact malware and applications which eventually protects the network from needless traffic. One common example will be like: many companies block the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) port, i.e. 21, when FTP hosting and communication is not required.   Q.2. What tool or technique you’ll suggest your company employees for encrypting the email Messages? A.2. One common suggestion for encrypting emails
Q.1. Explain in brief how DoS attack works. A.1. In a usual connection, the customer forwards an acknowledgement requesting the server for authentication. The server acknowledge back with authentication endorsement to the requested user. User accepts this agreement and starts looking for server content. In DoS attack, the user is an attacker who is sending numerous authentication requests for acknowledging to server leading to huge traffic up. Every request it sends have fake return addresses and that’s why server is
Ethical Hacking Interview Questions and Answers
Q.1. How will you explain network sniffing in basic term? A.1. Network sniffing are the techniques used for monitoring and analysing data packets in real-time that are being sent and received in any computer network. They are also termed as packet sniffing or network probe.   Q.2. What are the three main types of hackers? A.2. The three major categories of hackers are: – i) White Hat hackers also termed as the ethical hackers or good security
Q.1. How will you explain a newbie or beginner about what is cyber security? A.1. Cyber security can be defined as the calculated measures taken to protect the systems that are inter-connected to software and online applications, hardware and storage from cyber attacks.   Q. 2. What is vulnerability? A.2. Vulnerability in any system or application can be said to as the weakness or flaw that can let intruders or bugs penetrate the system, causing major threat.
digital signatures

Digital Signatures

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Introduction: – In the previous tutorial, you have learned about the different ways of message authentication schemes and techniques. In this tutorial you will learn more about the authentication of digital messages and documents.   What is Digital Signature: – Digital signature is a mathematical model implemented for validating the integrity and authenticity of any information, message, e-documents or software. You can say it as digitally equivalent of handwritten signature or the stamp-seal being made in papers and hard copies. But