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About Hackers Interview 

Hacker’s interview is an online portal which is a dream destination for those who have a fascination for information security or cyber security. In this portal, you will find many kinds of blogs related to real life personal experience of all those who have just entered in information security profession or are in this for several years. In this online portal, you will also find roles of different experts in this field such as Hackers (of course), Information Security professionals, Security Researchers, Forensic Experts, Cyber Crime Investigators, etc. You will be able to connect with experiences of these professionals personally and take bits of advice for lifelong.


The intention behind this idea

We all know to reach a particular place in our life which we dream of has to be given a beginning. No matter whether your beginning is small or large it has to be started in a manner which will lead to productivity in the long term. Hacker’s interview helps you in providing some knowledge and advice which you must know when you begin entering in this profession. We have blogged about interviews with different experts in this profession who share all their experience which they faced during their struggle period and all that information which helped them in some ways and even that information which didn’t work well for them. So, that you can learn from their experiences and can have a better situation at the very beginning. You never know after reading our blogs and avoiding those mistakes which experts did you can actually reach a level up then them because after knowing there good and bad experiences you will be conscious in many ways for good.


What all you can expect from this portal

  • Interviews of various information security experts
  • Success stories of Founder’s, CEO’s, CTO’s  behind  successful Information Security organisations
  • Introductory of various information security organisations.
  • Introductory of various information security conferences and events.
  • Introductory of various information security products, projects and tools.
  • Bug bounty POC’s found by security researchers in various MNC’s online and offline platforms, products etc
  • Expert advice from the information security professionals.


Have any queries?

Reach us at support@domain.hackersinterview.com