Cryptosystem Attacks and Environment

Introduction: – In this modern era of technology, right from business to health system, all runs on technology and over that, each of the systems generate a huge amount of information. Hence it becomes a important part to focus on protecting these information rom mal-activities and getting into the wrong hands. Cryptosystems deal with two of such attack types to which your information is basically subject to. These are

  • Active attack and
  • Passive attack

Active Attacks:

Active attack deals with altering the information in some way or the other by conducting some techniques on it. This involves in alteration or change in the data in an unauthorised way plus also unauthorised transmission of information. Active attack also involves deletion of entire data from database or any information base without prior permission.

There are various cryptographic tools and techniques used to implement cryptosystems which helps in preventing such different forms of active attack.

Active cryptosystem attack


Passive Attacks:

In passive attack, unauthorised access of data is being done using the processes of interception and eavesdropping on any communication signal or channel. The word passive is used because it directly does not harm the  information. In other words, it do not affect the data being carried out through any communication medium nor it disrupts communication channel.

This is mostly done to steal sensitive data being sent or said to via any communication medium.


Passive cryptosystem attack


Environment for Cryptosystem:

For dealing with different attacks in the cryptosystem, it is necessary to have a clear view of the cryptosystem’s environment. The knowledge and capability of an attacker over the environment helps them making the attack successful. The design of encryption scheme is dependent mostly on two algorithms. These are: –

  • Public Algorithms: Here, the cryptographic algorithm is open to all, i.e in public domain, hence known to everyone.
  • Proprietary Algorithms: These types of algorithms are private and is not open to all and are known to the system designer and users.

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