Interview Questions for Ethical Hacking – Chapter 3

Q.1. Explain in brief how DoS attack works. A.1. In a usual connection, the customer forwards an acknowledgement requesting the server for authentication. The server acknowledge back with authentication endorsement to the requested user. User accepts this agreement and starts looking for server content. In DoS attack, the user is an attacker who is sending numerous authentication requests […]

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digital signatures

Digital Signatures

Introduction: – In the previous tutorial, you have learned about the different ways of message authentication schemes and techniques. In this tutorial you will learn more about the authentication of digital messages and documents.   What is Digital Signature: – Digital signature is a mathematical model implemented for validating the integrity and authenticity of any information, message, e-documents or […]

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authentication of message

Authentication of Message

Introduction: – In the earlier chapters, you have learned about the various types and sub types of encryption technique along with their names. There are more in cryptography and cryptographic techniques that deals with the integrity of data and their threats. There is another type of data threat which is lack in authentication of message. In this case of […]

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